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David Brewer is a dedicated husband, father of 4, and avid outdoors fanatic.  I volunteer for my son’s boy scout troop as an adult leader on several camp outs each year and I coach a baseball team of 15 9 year old boys.  Our family owns a 2015 Salem camper that sees as many miles as possible, normally taking 10 or more camping trips a year.  In general camping (tent or RV), hiking, hunting, fishing, sports, cooking, swimming, and relaxing outdoors are my passion.  I believe the key to keeping a family together and building a strong bond is for that family to spend time together.  Whether its extravagant family vacations or simple picnics at a local park time spent together enjoying the outdoors is the foundation of a strong family.  I created this blog to share and hopefully ignite that same passion in others.

Hopefully I can see you at a campground, on the trail, or out in nature with your family some day.

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