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Amazing Light Up Camper Mod For 50 Dollars

I borrowed this, with permission, from Josh House of Panama City Beach, Florida.  For about 50 dollars worth of equipment easily sourced on Amazon and 2 hours time he made this great camper mod that turns his camper into the coolest pad in the campsite by adding LED lighting underneath the camper.

Equipment List

All of the equipment can be easily ordered from Amazon and is currently all available with Amazon Prime.  At the time Josh did this he was able to get everything he needed for about $50 and installed it himself in under 2 hours.  Time and money well spent to give himself the coolest camper in the park, that is until mine is done!

  1. Wireless LED Controller
  2. LED Strip Extension Cable
  3. 5 meters of LED light strip
  4. Adhesive cable clips
  5. LED light strip connectors

TL;DR – This is his finished product and it is freaking awesome!  Read on for the easy howto – literally 2 steps – and a quick video of the lights in color changing action!

Light Up Camper



Installation is a breeze.  Follow the directions for the LED strip, connectors, extension cable, and adhesive clips to connect it underneath the camper in the desired locations and pattern.  If you need more lights, just get a second set of the LED strip.  You can see in this view from underneath the lights are mounted on the front side of the camper.



Lights under camper



Attach the controller to the lights and a 12v power supply on the camper.  Consult with an RV electrician if you need help with this step.  The controller allows you to manage the lights over wifi with your phone.  It also comes with an RF remote however you need line of site to the controller for this to work.



wifi controller



The lights even change colors!

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