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Bacon And Egg Juice Can Camp Breakfast

Juice Can Breakfast

When I was in boy scouts my patrol specialized in no clean-up meals.  Some would say we were lazy kids but in reality… well yeah we were probably lazy kids but that doesn’t mean we didn’t do some cool stuff.  One of my favorites and a staple on every campout was the juice can breakfast.  It’s a great breakfast and an easy open fire cooking meal that even kids can help cook.  Keep reading to learn how it’s made.

The first thing you’re going to need is a small juice can.  These are getting less common but you can still typically find some individual sized pineapple juice variety in the juice isle.  In scouts we typically just drank this first and then made breakfast.

You can prepare this a few ways, but I’m a bacon and eggs kind of guy.  Cheese is a nice optional addition.

Use a can opener to cut open the top, leaving just enough connected to use the lid as a small handle.  I recommend using some pliers or a multi-tool to pick them up in the fire.  I always use my Gerber to grab the lids.  Put a piece of bacon in the can.

Juice Can Breakfast

You can place the can directly on some coals but I like to use the cooking grate when available.  It gives you a bit more temperature control.  Stir the bacon with a fork frequently to keep it from sticking and burning.  Don’t worry there will be enough grease to crisp the bacon just right.

Juice Cans on the Fire

Once the bacon is looking reasonably done you can remove from the fire and add an egg.  In my experience you can barely fit two pieces of bacon and two eggs so I always do just one and use two cans if I’m hungry.  It’s also best to give it a scramble.  I’ve heard of some people using the scramblers egg products, but I’m a purist and don’t allow that stuff in my cooler.

Juice Can Breakfast

Return to the fire for a few more minutes and a few more stirs with the fork.  As it cooks you can add cheese at this point if you like.  I also set a couple pieces of bread on the grill to quickly make some toast.  This can be eaten from the can or poured out onto the bread for a sandwich.  The only thing to wash is the fork.  P.S. I don’t recommend using a plastic fork for obvious reasons.

Scrambled Eggs




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