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How About A Ceiling Fan In Your Tent

Do you camp in hot weather?  If so this hanging LED light/fan combo could be the perfect addition to your camping gear tote!

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Tent Ceiling Fan

There’s nothing better than spring and fall camping.  The days aren’t too hot and the evenings are perfect for gathering around the campfire before snuggling up in a nice warm sleeping bag.

None of that applies for camping in the summer.  It’s hot, the wind dies down, and you’re laying on top of your sleeping bag sweating profusely just wishing for those few small breezes that barely manage to come through the screen mesh.

Not anymore!

This LED/Fan combo showed up on Amazon last year and has been firmly placed on the best sellers page ever since and for good reason.  It runs on two D batteries and really lasts.  I run mine for about 15 minutes before falling asleep every night when camping in the summer.  I’m still on my original batteries.  The low power LED lights hardly affect battery usage either.

Desk Fan

With the clip on the back it can hang from the top of your tent at night or you can hang it in your canopy for the light.  It also folds to where the light can be a stand for desk fan mode.  The light and fan can be turned on and off independently.

I love mine and highly recommend it.  The reviews on Amazon also reflect the high quality with it being over 4 stars.


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