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Here Are 10 RV and Camper Accidents That Could Have Been Avoided

Low Clearance

Camping in an RV or Travel Trailer can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get the family together while maintaining most of the amenities of home.  Driving or towing your rig down the road is a big responsibility and requires a greater amount of care than your casual Sunday afternoon ride.  Here’s 10 videos of RV accidents to remind you to be careful on the roads.

Please be respectful in the comments.  Some of these are funny mishaps, but others are tragic accidents that may have involved loss of life.



This trucker dash camp captures someone driving too fast while towing in an effort to pass.  The trailer starts to sway but the driver doesn’t back off and slow down resulting in a nasty crash.

2. Check your Tires

The worst thing on tires is sitting in the sun.  It can cause the rubber to dry rot and begin to break down and lead to blowouts like this.  Always check your tires and if possible cover them with RV Tire covers when not in use.

3. It’s not always going too fast

Many, if not most, RV and trailer accidents involve people driving too fast, but not always.  A big RV or travel trailer is basically a giant sail driving down the road.  Watch out for crosswinds.

4. Always be mindful of your clearance

Your RV or TT are taller than a regular car or even a jacked up truck.  Know how tall your rig is and pay attention to the things you drive under.


5. Never exceed your towing capacity

It’s easy to think you can go a few pounds over, but don’t try it.  Also don’t try not laughing at this next video.  Yes I’m going straight to hell but you can see what’s going to happen and you can’t hold back.

6. Watch out for tight turns

You don’t actually get to see the wreck happen here but this is a great example of someone trying to drive their rig where they didn’t belong.  Be very mindful of where your trailer tires are at so this doesn’t happen to you.

7. Another case of not enough clearance

Don’t forget it’s not just the height to the roof.  You have valuable stuff up on top too!  An RV GPS like these from Rand McNally and Garmin allow you to program in your clearance so you can always pick the safest RV route.

8. Going too fast again

You can’t weave in and out of traffic.  I wonder if this driver forgot about the rig he had behind him.

9. Did I mention driving too fast?

It’s definitely the number one cause of RV/Camper accidents

10. They don’t turn around that easy

Fortunately this doesn’t result in anything but maybe some superficial damage from the truck kissing the camper.  Always remember that you’re pulling a rig and know what you are doing before turning down a road.


I don’t even know what to say here so I’ll just leave it for your viewing pleasure.

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