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Here Are 25 Amazing Food Tricks That Make Cooking Awesome

Making food at home doesn’t have to be a chore – Here are 25 food tricks that can make cooking an awesome experience!

1. This awesome cheesy bread with a twist – delicious

Cheesy Bread

2. Make your own Ice-cream cookies – use any flavor you want!  Just cut with a hot knife and stick it between two cookies – brilliant!

Ice Cream Cookie

3. Make your own tasty edible chocolate bowl with a balloon and melted chocolate – Add food coloring to white chocolate for a colorful twist!

Chocolate bowl

4. Use muffin liners to keep bugs out of your drink – great for at camp!

Cup protectors

5. Keep your fingers clean – or your kids fingers – AND EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH!


6. Make your own iced mocha with milk and Oreo ice cubes!

iced mocha

7. Bacon really does make everything better like these amazing pancakes!

Bacon Pancakes

8. Etch messages on a banana with a toothpick for a fun way to make your kids feel special – love!

Banana messages

9. Use the clip from pants hangers as a free way to close off bags of food – genius!

food clips

10. Easily cut corn off the cob with an electric knife.

Corn on the cob

11. Make a banana split right in the banana with marshmallows and chocolate chips – tip – its even better wrapped in foil on the campfire!

Banana split

12. Use rings of vegetables to cook your eggs for an awesome and healthy addition to breakfast!

Vegetable egg rings

13. Swirly zebra cake the whole family will love – especially the kids!

Swirly zebra cake

14. The struggle is real, but not anymore.  This food hack is so helpful it’s insane!

Strawberry stem removal

 15. Egg filled burgers will blow your mind – amazing!

Egg burger

16. Stuff hot dogs with cheese and wrap in bacon – then toast on the grill or fire in bacon – YUM!

tin foil hotdogs

17. Did I mention bacon makes everything better?

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

18. Use your fork to hold a taco upright while you fill it – yes, that’s how it’s done!

Taco filling with a fork

19. Make chopsticks easy to use with this clever hack

chopstick food hack

20. Easily peel an orange in seconds

peel an orange

21. Make perfect potato wedges quick and easy with an apple corer – genius!

Potato wedges

Editors Note: Check out this cheap Apple Slicer available on Amazon Prime

22. Beautiful lemon flowers for drinks or garnish with this simple trick

Lemon Flowers

Hint: the old fashioned vegetable peelers work best

23. Hot dog spaghetti the kids will love.

hotdog spaghetti

Hot dog spaghetti

 24. It’s not a secret anymore!

 25. Layer marshmallows and chocolate chips in a skillet or dutch oven for tasty S’mores dip

smores dip

BONUS: Get perfect Pineapple slices every time with this pineapple corer 

Pineapple Corer

And use the empty pineapple for Pina Coladas!

Pineapple drinks

Get the corer here

If you like this list be sure to share with your friends and family.  Tell me what you think or if you have any other food tricks and hacks that should be added!

sources: theawesomedaily, kickvick, foodnetwork


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