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What’s so Special About all These Fidget Devices?

Every now and then I head over to the Amazon best sellers and Movers and Shakers page to find hot new products to review.  Over the last few months I’ve been seeing more and more fidget toys, especially the spinner variety, showing up in the top list so I decided to do some research.

The products are being listed as great for ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, and even Autism.  Now when I say these are showing up on the top pages I want to be clear, they are taking over the best seller spots on Amazon.  As of the time of this post the numbers one, two, and three spots on toys & games are all spinner devices and four out of the top 10 best sellers in sports and outdoors are fidget toys.  To put it mildly, these things are completely taking over!

The spinner fidget toys are a simple gadget that has a center bearing with two or three arms coming off that allow the user to hold the center bearing with two fingers and casually spin it.  The concept is simple, that by providing an easy way to fidget that’s not distracting mentally it can help someone focus.  But does it work?

If consumer reviews are to be trusted, it definitely does.  All of the product listings I looked at receive in the 4-5 star range and are filled with people claiming it helped them concentrate with one user saying that by fidgeting with a spinner instead of their phone they didn’t loose focus as often.

Fidget Spinner Toy

Heading to the web I found even more information that tilted me in favor of the spinners.  From I found a listing of health benefits to fidgeting and Huffington Post has put together a great article on the mental aspect of fidgeting that really helped explain the value these devices can provide. Health Benefits of Fidgeting Why do we Fidget

The spinner toys are rather inexpensive and can be found here.

If you’ve used a spinner toy before or have any feedback on this topic I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.


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